Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ecology question set 1

You have an ecosystem with the following organisms: birds, fruit trees, tigers, and monkeys. Which list would best describe the food chain?
tigers, monkeys, birds, fruit trees
birds, fruit trees, monkeys, tigers
fruit trees, birds, tigers, monkeys
fruit trees, birds/monkeys, tigers

Food chains and webs not only describe the order in which organisms are eaten, but they also describe the _____.
flow of energy in an ecosystem
importance of the ecosystem
health of the ecosystem
animals that are all related

In the food chain, ____ can make their own food.
primary consumers
secondary consumers



Question 1

The food chain would move like this:

producer --> primary consumers--> secondary consumers---> tertiary consumers --> final consumers.

In the first question producer is definitely the fruit tree.
Here, birds/monkeys both are herbivores, therefore these are primary consumers.

Tigers are carnivorous. so, tigers belong to the  category secondary consumers. 

Therefore the first answer is: fruit trees, birds/monkeys, tigers

Question 2

Well, what food chain means is given partially in the question. But the idea behind food chain and food web is to represent the directional sequence in which energy flows from one species to the next. 

Therefore the correct answer is flow of energy in an ecosystem.

Question 3

producers fix a little fraction of the energy that they receive from the sun. This energy is fixed into chemical energy(food).

Correct option: producers

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