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Physics tension question wires help

Question asked:

Sorry I can't copy the image on here so I put a link at the bottom of the page.
A picture with mass of 22.5 kg is supported by two wires. Find the tension in each cable.

When the picture is hanging from the wire, the wire makes an uneven V shape. The left part of the wire is T2 (tension 2) and the right wire is T1. The angle that the left wire makes with the ceiling is 60 degrees and the right wire makes a 30 degree angle as seen below.

How to I find the tension in each cable??


Just take a look at the diagram.

Just take a look at the diagram.

Forces along y direction balances each other.

T1 sin 30 + T2 sin 60 = mg ------- (1)

Forces along x direction balances each other

T1 cos 30 = T2 cos 60 --- 2

Solving equation 2 we get:

T2 = T1 * root(3)

Substituting the value of T2 in equation 1 we get:

T1/2 + 3T1/2 = 22.5 * g

I take g as 10m/s^2

So solving I get, T1 = 112.5 N

Substituting the value of T1 in equation 2, we get

22.5 *5* root(3)/2 = T2/2

SOlving we get, T2 = 194. 85 N.

Hope this helps

QUESTION answered by Mr Idecide

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